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One On One Tutoring Service was established by a classroom teacher who recognized the dire need for additional instruction outside the normal school setting. He believed that all students could learn if only provided enough attention.

In 2003, he established One On One Tutoring Service as a for-profit company. Today, One On One Tutoring Service is quickly growing as a top supplemental education provider in the Philadelphia area.

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Online Tutoring

One On One Tutoring, Reading and Educational Testing Center provides the highest quality one-on-one online tutoring and tutoring alternatives. By utilizing an online web conference platform coupled with our award-winning web-based curriculum, our instructors can deliver interactively…

One on One Tutoring, Reading and Educational Testing Center is located in the Philadelphia area and provides the highest quality one to one tutoring using research-based assessments and curricula to develop and implement learning plans customized and tailored to fit each student’s academic needs.



Our comprehensive diagnostic tests pinpoint learning gaps and identify grade level in both reading and math.

Results From Testing

The diagnostic test results are used to drive instruction in all One On One Tutoring Service Learning Solutions.

Best Program Selected

The best program for your child is based on test results and parent goals for students. Programs include: Home-School, Skill-Builder, Wilson Reading System, Test Prep

Watch the video to see an example of how our program works.

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Parents, GET INVOLVED!!!

I have always been a major advocate of parent involvement in their child’s education. In my nine years in education, I have found that students with parents who are heavily invested in their education tend to have more success in school than students whose parents are less involved.

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How To Teach Multiplication Facts

Many elementary and middle school students struggle with math because of their inability to recall multiplication facts. It is imperative that students learn the multiplication tables as it is used in division, fractions and other higher level math skills.

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Does Your Child Struggle With Reading?

Most of us do not remember how we learned to read. To many of us, reading is a seemingly simple task that we do on a daily basis without much thought. However, for many Americans, learning to read is a tedious task that takes a lot of time, effort, and systematic instruction.

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