Summer School Program


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Summer School Program

As we all are aware, many districts are getting rid of the old notion of summer school. Today, we are seeing more and more schools teaming with other organizations to create programs parents and kids want. Because of this, One On One Tutoring Service, Inc. now offers an alternative to summer school for students who are in need of individualized instruction to target weak skills in all subjects. With One On One Tutoring Service’s Summer School Program, students will not only receive school credits upon completion of their summer program, but students will also have the opportunity to strengthen their weak skills at the same time.

Our learning environment incorporates today’s technology to provide individualized and small group instruction by creating learning paths with lessons and assessments that address weak skills that prevent students from keeping up with classroom instruction.

At One On One Tutoring Services’ Summer School, all lessons are aligned to state standards, and progress is tracked throughout the course of the program.

Subjects include:

Language Arts
Reading (Grades 1-3)
Math (K-8)
Social Studies
Science (Grades 1-6)
World History
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
English (High School)
Biology (High School)
U.S. History

If your child attends a Philadelphia School District, charter, or private school, and has been required to attend summer school, contact our office for more information on our summer program.

Teacher Recommendation Forms

The student’s teacher completes the appropriate form by detailing weaknesses and skills to address during the tutoring program. The form is to be submitted to One On One Tutoring Service after completion.